The NETWORK brings together the potential of the Campus of International Excellence with agri-food activity and other institutions that wish to join.

The integration of the coordinating university of a CEI in the Network, is made by agreement of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, upon request request, and the management of the Network depends on a Management Council.

They are founding members of the NETWORK all the coordinating universities of the Spanish Campus of International Excellence (CEI), that according to the defined areas, wish to participate as members in the project of the Triptolemos Foundation. Other European or International CEI or Campus of Excellence may be incorporated into NETWORK , as linked members, upon request and comply with the characteristics of the rest of the CIS.

The Network establishes, through its Board of Management, all the centers, institutes and research groups, with recognized recognition in the field of agri-food, which are part of the universities and public research organizations that constitute The promoter nucleus of the CEI. The registration of these centers, institutes and research groups, widely recognized, is carried out under the coordination of the Management Council.

The CIS with their own legal entity can request as such to be a member of Fundación Triptolemos and participate for this reason in the overall decisions of the same.

The Board of Management of the NETWORK proposes, by majority of the founding members, on the entry of a new CIS. Requests for admission must be submitted to the secretariat of the NETWORK Foundation through the endorsement of two founding members. The request for admission is subordinated to the manifested will of incorporation to the Board of Trustees of the Triptolemos Foundation, and its approval by the same.

All CEI are represented in the plenary of the Network by the rectors of the coordinating universities of the CIS and in the Management Council of the Network by the director, delegate, president or any other explicit form in its system of governance with attributions On the ERC. The RED plenary can attend a maximum of two representatives per CEI member of the Network, one of them being the rector coordinator of the CEI, which has a single vote by CEI. A maximum of two members per CEI who have a single vote by CEI and is represented in each case by the director, delegate or president, or other form established in their governance, that legally represents him / her.