Guide for Innovation

Guide for Innovation in the Agro-food Sector (8th edition)

Triptolemos Foundation www.triptolemos.orgis a private, independent institution. It aims to facilitate the understanding and coordination between all stakeholders in the food system to increase its effectiveness, based on strategic importance of diet in the development of the Company.

Triptolemos Foundation is a unitary model and overview of the food system in 4 axes (availability, economics, politics and culture/knowledge) helps optimize and joint operation for the benefit of the availability and quality of food, and trust, in an environment of global sustainability. It is open to any new addition to share your goals.

This “Guide for Innovation in the Agrifood Sector 2016” (7th edition) is a living example of the actions of Triptolemos Foundation to help mutual understanding between two key players in the system: Universities / Research Centers and Companies. With an own classification system, 02/2009/7331 Intellectual Property Registry, each production sector immediately known experts in Spain interested in the issue fixed. Fundación Triptolemos updates information every 2 years.


Fundación Triptolemos thanks all those institutions that have made this guide with their patronage.
In the “Guide to Innovation in the Agro-food Sector” focused innovation from its many facets and with the participation of the various actors involved:

En la “Guía para la Innovación en el sector agroalimentario” se enfoca la innovación desde sus múltiples facetas y con la participación de sus diferentes actores implicados:

  • Presentation Foundation Triptolemos PP
  • Institutional Research Spanish for the Agrifood Sector:
    • Objectives and Description PDF
  • Centers and Science Parks PDF
  • The Security Innovation
    • AECOSAN Presentation PDF
  • Funding innovation: CDTI PDF and others resources: PDF. Funds for science(FCRi)
  • Training programs PDF
  • Guide for Innovation in the Agrifood Sector PDF
  • Application of ICT to the food sector PDF
  • Campus of International Excellence PDF

At present the members that make up the Foundation are:


  • Honorary President: D. Federico Mayor Zaragoza
  • President: D. José Mª Sumpsi
  • Member of honour: D. José Arcas¡

Board of Organisations:

  • Asociación Fomento Desarrollo Agroalimentario (AFDA)
  • Confederación de Consumidores y Usuarios (CECU)
  • Campus Excelencia Internacional Agroalimentario de Andalucía (CEIA3)
  • Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos (FESBAL)
  • Federación Española de Hostelería (FEHR)

Consejo de Universidades y del Conocimiento:

Board of Processing Companies: