Eating is a human fact. It is inexorable and permanent, and exceeds its biological nutritional bases through adhesion to economic, anthropological-cultural and ethical values. This multiplicity of facets, and thus of interests, provokes partial visions, frequently conflicting, that do not help the necessary global view for the correct technical and social response which is essential nowadays and for the future.

The TRIPTOLEMOS Foundation for Agrifood Development is constituted to create a space for dialogue and activities amongst all the groups involved, from the primary producer to the consumer along the whole chain. Its core lies in universities and in representatives of the productive sector with the same concern. It is created in the belief that joint efforts must give rise to a strengthening of the food world in any of its forms, at the same time creating a confidence, sadly questioned today, in matters that go from the prestige of research and collaboration in the urgent problem of more than 900M starving people in the world, to the best nutrition for everyone, in an environment of belief in the system.

On that items, the Foundation must be a proactive, predictive and prospective institution. It must anticipate the future.

The food fact is present in every culture and circumstance. The TRIPTOLEMOS Foundation has a European and universal vocation, but it is created in Barcelona (site of the proclamation by the FAO of the “Nutritional Rights of Man” – Mars 7th Mars, 1992) due to its being a food capital.

Its philosophy is affirmed in its founding statutes.