Meeting of the Executive Committee of Triptolemos Foundation

Meeting of the Executive Committee of Triptolemos Foundation

The executive committee of the Triptolemos Foundation for agri-food development meets on October 23, 2018 in the Rectorate Building of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. It is integrated by a group of companies and universities representative of the alimentary system, among them the UPC, assists its rector D. Francesc Torres, and D. José Luis Bonet, vice-presidents of the Foundation, and its President Mr. José Mª Sumpsi.

Triptolemos Foundation for agri-food development contributes with its actions to an adequate articulation of the alimentary system, in the conviction that there can not be a sustainable and socially balanced development if, at the base, the global food system does not maintain the balance and confidence between its actors.

The committee aims to streamline the issues that will be transferred to the board meeting. The Triptolemos Foundation focuses on the future perspective with a global system vision, from science, production, sociological environment, training, as well as including cultural and economic aspects that are related to the objective that every citizen has a sufficient and quality food.

It is an integral vision, obtained by the plural range of its members, who work to dignify and promote correctly all aspects of the food fact and is open to new incorporations who want to share their philosophy. The Foundation has an Honorary President Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, and a President Mr. José Mª Sumpsi, who have held important positions in international organizations, Mr. José Manuel Silva (Director General of UNESCO from 1987-1999, Deputy Director General of FAO 2007 – 2011 Director General of Agriculture and Rural Development, General Director of Research and Director General of the European Commission respectively).

Its strategic vision of the food system has earned it the recognition of UNESCO with the award of the Chair: “Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Safety” with the UNED The UNESCO Chair is a brand of international prestige. few Chairs at a world level granted on agrifood issues in a specific way, and only those developed around sustainability and food production.

The International Campus of Excellence Network with agrifood activity of the Triptolemos Foundation also contributes to the task of converting knowledge into economic and social value, through economic agents and research groups.