Future of Tourism World Summit

Fundación Triptolemos participates in the ‘Future of Tourism World Summit’ that will be held in Barcelona on October 26 and 27, 2021, organizing a roundtable under the title ‘Trust, safety and sustainability: food in tourism’ In which will participate Dr. Maria Neira, Director of the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health of the WHO (World Health Organization)

As a result of the Summit, the Barcelona Declaration will be drawn up with the objective that the different countries adhere to the Declaration.

Triptolemos Foundation participates in the World Food Convention 2021

Fundación Triptolemos participated in the World Food Convention 2021 that was held June 24, 2021 with the title “Science for society: how to ensure food in a sustainable way”


Participation of Triptolemos Foundation in the European Parliament

The Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) of the European Parliament, held on March 16, 2021 the public hearing on “Enabling innovation for sustainable agriculture” in which the Triptolemos Foundation was invited to participate with the topic: Innovation for a Food System Sustainable.

The current challenge of agriculture is to ensure sustainability, being aware that in the next half century we have to produce as much as in the previous ten thousand years, having to worry, at the same time, about the improvement of crop resilience, in a unquestionable scenario of climate change. The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) urges us to achieve Food Security, understood as the situation in which all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient food, safe and nutritious, to satisfy their nutritional needs and preferences, in order to lead an active and healthy life.

Report on food classification: the concept “Ultraprocessed”

The term “Ultra-processed” has become fashionable in certain circles related to nutrition. This term is generating much confusion in consumer groups and in the food production sector that its interpretation generates controversy. This document analyzes the reason for this confusion.

Event postponed 2022

Third World Higher Education Conference UNESCO 2022

The third World Higher Education Conference purpose to define and prepare the roadmap for a new era of higher education systems and institutions.

UNESCO has launched a new global initiative to foster international cooperation, rethink education and shape the future. The initiative “The futures of education” in which the Triptolemos Foundation has participated with its article “Education to create a sustainable global food system”, the only contribution referring to the Food System, included in the UNESCO document Humanistic futures of learning: Perspectives from UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks

Triptolemos Foundation Statement

We denounce the fake news and all those commercial strategies that in different ways question the rigor of the rules and legislation. The objective of the initiative is to raise society’s awareness of its consequences.


World Summit on Food Systems

The Summit aims to launch bold new measures to advance the achievement of the 17 SDGs, each of which depends to some extent on healthier, more sustainable and equitable food systems.

The world must become aware that we must all work together to transform the way we produce, consume and conceive of food.

Guided by five Pathways of Action, the Summit will bring together key actors from the worlds of science, business, politics, health care and academia, as well as farmers, indigenous peoples, youth organizations, consumer groups, environmental activists and other key stakeholders. Before, during and after the Summit, these actors will work together to bring about tangible and positive changes in the world’s food systems.

Report on frontal labelling of food: nutritional trafic lights, Nustri-Score and others

Fundación Triptolemos has prepared the “Report on the frontal labeling of food: nutritional traffic lights, Nutri-Score and others” in order to help articulate the food system with scientific criteria around issues of interest to society. The labeling of packaged foods is a universal concern present in the national legislation of most countries and is a highly topical issue. In Spain, a debate will open shortly.

Anunci llibre e-commmerce copy

Fundación Triptolemos has coordinated the book “The sale of food online. Regulation and future prospects ” This work compiles the opinions and forecasts of various specialists offering an exhaustive analysis of online commerce.

Network of Campus of International Excellence with agri-food activity (CEI AA Network)

The NETWORK of Campus of International Excellence with agri-food activity as a working group of the Triptolemos Foundation is organized in 4 areas, which aim to boost and enhance the synergies among its members.

Mapa media RED CEI a Junio 2020 LOGOS GRANS

“Food at the crossroads”

In line with the SDGs defined by the United Nations, the Triptolemos Foundation, together with the UNED recording team, have produced this new video framed in the activities of the UNESCO CATHEDRA UNED-TRIPTOLEMOS «Science and innovation for sustainable development: production Global Food and Food Security ”to address the food challenges of the 21st century from a food system approach. Considering that responsible business activity is the engine of the economy and knowledge plays a key role.

The Triptolemos Foundation defines Sustainable global food system in 4 interrelated areas: economy, policies and legislation, availability and accessibility, and knowledge, behavior and culture, all of which must be balanced to achieve adequate nutrition for the entire population in which citizens can trust, according to knowledge, science and technology.

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4 axes Triptolemos foundation web
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This work is the result of the work of more than forty authors who have sent us their comments and reflections on many other topics.

The alimentary system, contemplated with a global vision, plays a fundamental role in human development, due to its biological basis and its social implications

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Caratula video alimentos la conquista humana
La puerta a europa para web


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Science at the service of food availability

How many foods are not wasted thanks to technology?

Fundación Triptolemos has prepared this study that deals from a scientific point of view the use of science and technology in the food sector to guarantee food availability from a sustainable and safe point of view.

English opinion doc Triptolemos Foundation
Indice ITRIN english copy

The Triptolemos Foundation has developed a model that allows the Global Food System TRIPTOLEMOS Index (ITRIn) to be quantified, through previously defined parameters. The model allows the forecast and comparison between food systems in different countries and territories. The model has been recognized by UNESCO with the grant of the Chair “Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Safety”

Pymes I+D+i departament :

The guide offers free information with more than 10,000 references classified by sectors of business activity.

Its presentation allows a quick and easy search of the information.

Logo guide 9 edition


Food and Fake News

Date: 25/10/2021

Time: 11:30h

Location: Online event

How do they affect us and how to detect hoaxes and deceptions in our day to day? Evento online Organizado por AVACU Inscripciones en formacion@avacu.es  

Future of Tourism World Summit Barcelona 2021

Start date: 26/10/2021

End date: 27/10/2021

Future of tourism world summit Barcelona 2021

La Cumbre “FUTURE OF TOURISM SUMMI T tiene el objetivo principal de encontrar soluciones al futuro de la industria turística no
solamente en España sino a nivel mundial Su resultado será la Declaración de Barcelona donde las máximas autoridades y actores
mundiales del mundo del turismo, se comprometerán a una serie de medidas para proteger y promover el turismo post COVID
Como parte central de la Cumbre, se formarán a 300 líderes a nivel mundial que tendrán como objetivo que al menos 5 instituciones
de sus respectivos países se adhieran a la Declaración de Barcelona

Alimentaria 2022

Start date: 04/04/2022

End date: 07/04/2022

Location: Fira de Barcelona (Recinto Gran Vía)


Alimentaria bets on 2022 and gives way to a Gastronomic Forum with a greater offer this fall

Alimentaria & Hostelco finalmente se celebrará en el mes de abril de 2022, cuando se prevé una situación más favorable para la participación de compañías y profesionales nacionales e internacionales, que permita llevar a cabo de nuevo un gran evento.

Alimentaria FOODTECH BCN 2021

Start date: 26/10/2023

End date: 29/10/2023

Location: Fira Barcelona recinto Gran Vía

FoodTech 2020 horizontal web NUEVAS FECHAS copy

Alimentaria FoodTech is the machinery, technology and ingredients fair that integrates the value chain of processing and preservation of the food and beverage industry. It is a transversal fair that serves the food and beverage production industry from raw materials to commercial distribution.


Innova and Emprende awards

Date: 26/10/2023

Location: Fira Barcelona recinto Gran Vía

Premios FoodTech 2021 copy

Innova and Emprende awards
Recognising the added value of innovation and entrepreneurship
The Innova and Emprende awards were born in the 14th edition of the fair. In this third edition, these two awards will once again encourage and recognise research and business dynamism.