1st Call for help for the mobility of doctors

1st Call for help for the mobility of doctors

1st Call for assistance “Campus Network of International Excellence with Agro-Food Activity” (CEIAA) of Triptolemos Foundation to the mobility of doctors within the NET

The agri-food sector is a strategic sector and one of the engines of our economy. The Doctors Mobility Program within the CEI NETWORK aims to contribute to a greater articulation of the Network, to complement other mobility actions in the agri-food field, and to facilitate the creation of economic and social wealth through the enhancement of knowledge. To this end, aids are called for short postdoctoral stays and temporary transfers of young doctors.

This activity aims to strengthen the scientific, academic and business relationships among the members of the Agencies that make up the different International Campus of Excellence that are part of the ‘RED CEIs Agroalimentarios’ and is considered as a program of “Mobility of doctors”, and thus increase connectivity And cooperation between the aggregations of the different CEIs.

The network of CEIs with Agroalimentaria activity was created in Madrid by the patronato of the Triptolemos Foundation for the Development of the Food System on February 15, 2013 as a working group of the Triptolemos Foundation. The responsibility for the development of the program is due to the Management Council of the Network through the agreements that it makes in its plenary meetings.

The funding of the call is part of the program for the strengthening and consolidation of Campus of International Excellence (CEI) promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of November 4, 2015 (BOE 265/11960), whose resolution of subsidies and Activities is established in the resolution of 4 December 2015 (BOE 295/13413).