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Marine and inland fisheries today are at an important cross-road. On the one hand they make a crucial and growing contribution to food, nutrition and livelihood security, as reflected, for example, in the statistic that 22 out...

El próximo 28 de noviembre de 2018 se celebrará en el Colegio de Economistas de Barcelona el acto de Presentación del informe 2018 sobre el sector agroalimentario españl del Observatorio Cajamar. Es necesaria inscripción previa. Inscribirse...

“Food at the crossroads” Video produced by the UNESCO Chair UNED-TRIPTOLEMOS: Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Food Security...

It is a public University with headquarters in the city of León (Spain), and with an additional campus in Ponferrada. The germ of the university was found in 1843, when the Normal School of Teachers...

1043/5000 The large amount of data and information that surrounds us today makes necessary an extra training for users, essential to know how to differentiate the information (true and contrasted) from those false news that, increasingly,...

Download the award call The Executive Committee of the Innovation Management Network in the Agri-Food Sector (INNOVAGRO Network) announces this 6th INNOVAGRO Award, whose purpose is to promote, recognize and celebrate the culture of innovation in...