UNESCO Chair Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Food Safety


Definition of Global Food System

Triptolemos Foundation has developed its vision of the global food system articulated in four basic axes: Availability, Economy, Politics and Knowledge. All this, in a framework of sustainability and ethics. The optimum articulation of the agro-food system requires a dynamic balance between the actors of the four basic axes considered and to take into account their multiple derivations, following a model of fractal representation.


This definition of global food system and its model of articulation and foresight has been published and presented in various Congresses, and has earned it the grant of a UNESCO Chair.

UNESCO chair

In order to develop this vision and the Food System model at all levels (theoretical studies, training, dissemination, …), the TRIPTOLEMOS Foundation Board meeting on 25 February 2010 in Madrid at the CSIC headquarters, and at the President Federico Mayor Zaragoza, decided unanimously to request a UNESCO Chair with the broad title “Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Safety”. It was also approved that the Chair, would count on the collaboration of all the members of the Foundation and it was proposed its location in the UNED.

Because of its characteristics in the approach, reflected in the title, and in its specific objectives, it is not a monographic Chair, but has a broad approach, articulation of a whole system, which contemplates different specialties and, with the objective of Contribute to optimize their development with the help of science and innovation.

Objectives of the Chair

The objectives defined in Article 2 of the agreement signed with UNESCO, apart from creating a network between institutions of higher education and research and experts in global food production and other general activities of the UNESCO Chairs, are “to design and implement, together With partners, activities (including research) focused on the four areas of the food system defined by the Triptolemos Foundation and disseminate the results widely. “

The four areas or axes of the Global Food System seen by the Triptolemos Foundation and which define the activity of the UNESCO Chair are:


 Availability (natural resources, agricultural raw materials, livestock and fisheries, production of processed products, technological processes, nutrition, health, diets …)

 Economy (market studies, micro and macroeconomics…)

 Policies (public and agri-food legislation, international trade, export…)

 To know (knowledge, culture, gastronomy, training, consumer, new products, market studies …)