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First international conference Unesco Chairs (Geneva from July 5 to 7, 2017)

First conference of all UNESCO Chairs of Natural Sciences, to be held from 5 to 7 July 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland, and will be supported by prestigious institutions such as CERN, EPFL and the University of Geneva.
More than 70 Chairs have confirmed their participation in the conference. This will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen synergies and cooperation with other SC Presidents as well as UNESC O and other international organizations.
Triptolemos Foundation and the Global Food System

The food system, in a global vision, plays a fundamental role in human development as a biological basis and his social implications. The food industry is strategic and the food business is the engine.
Triptolemos, on his vision of the agrifood model system, contributes to the optimization and coordination of its operation, to result in greater availability and quality of food, trust and dignity in an environment of global sustainability, in the conviction that there can be no sustainable development and social balance if, at the base, the global food system does not maintain the balance between its actors