CEI’s network area


The NETWORK of Campus of International Excellence with agri-food activity as a working group of the Triptolemos Foundation is organized in 4 areas, which aim to boost and enhance the synergies among its members.

Primary production (agriculture, livestock and fisheries)

This scope would include the studies carried out (genetic, technological, precision agriculture, environmental …) on all types of primary production and resources (land, water …) including aquaculture, with the production focus for the food system for both people as animals but not for biofuels or other uses (textiles, tobacco …) The scope ends in the stabilized product (for example, flour, oil, meat in the slaughterhouse …).



This scope would include any transformation process, packaging or conservation system and logistics for the production of any food product with greater stability (commercial life), sensorial, and nutritional than that prepared in the kitchen. Outsourcing of the kitchen, partial or total.




Nutrition and health

This field includes all types of work, study, reference, activity …. that relates food, ingredients, components or diet to the health of the individual or the community.






Restoration and gastronomy

This field would include research and innovation in the culinary and catering sector (in any of its forms), all kinds of preparation, packaging, distribution processes … aimed at the total outsourcing of culinary preparation and its service, both in food as in accessories. Gastronomy is a section of the global concept of restoration focused on sensory pleasure and social statutes (Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy), is the sum of culture and science.

Any of the 4 areas described may include part of the technological approaches, economic, social and cultural approaches (consumer behavior, marketing, market …), international trade, agro-food policies (legislation, food safety …), commercial distribution (in any of its forms), economy, industry 4.0, sustainability, circular economy ….

Triptolemos Foundation defines the Global Food System in 4 axes through the UNESCO Chair “Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Safety”.