International Activities

The CIS RED includes in its rules the promotion of international relations through different mechanisms: participation in European projects to strengthen the appreciation of knowledge between different geographic areas, formalization of relations with members linked to those of European Excellence Campus, or international, that under similar to those developed by the Spanish government (eg the Programme Campus in France or Excellence Initiative in Germany) structures present government programs, objectives and similar functions.

Territorial Cooperation Programme Southwest Europe (SUDOE)

The Territorial Cooperation Programme Southwest Europe (SUDOE) supports regional development through co-financing transnational projects through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). The program aims to consolidate the Southeast Europe as a territorial space of cooperation in the fields of competitiveness and innovation, the environment, sustainable development and spatial planning, to help to ensure a harmonious and balanced integration of its regions, within the objectives of economic and social cohesion of the EU.

The priorities of the program are:

1. Promotion of innovation and constitution of stable cooperation networks in technological matters.
2. Improving the sustainability for the protection and conservation of the environment and the natural environment of SUDOE.
3. Harmonious integration of the SUDOE space and improved accessibility to information networks.
4. Promotion of sustainable urban development taking advantage of the positive effects of transnational cooperation.
5. Strengthening the institutional capacity and utilization of technical assistance.
The Working Group expects to reach operational documents SUDOE 2014-2020 Programme to the European Commission before summer 2014. Following the referral of the program will begin a process of negotiation between the Working Group and the European Commission up to the approval of program. For more information see:

Network Campus of International Excellence Triptolemos Foundation coordinates the call of Franco-Hispano-Portuguese border projects (SUDOE)