Objectives and Functions

It is the purpose of the Network, the association of the different International Campus of Excellence (CEI), created under the Spanish Government program, and coordinated by Spanish universities, which form the “Promoters Members” group, as well as those Campus of Excellence of European or international programs that wish to be incorporated and its candidacy is approved by the Patronato. The Network is equally open to incorporating as other “research partners” other research structures of sufficient quality and fulfilling the basic functions of the Foundation.

The main function of the Network is to help the articulation of the global agri-food system defined by the Foundation from four macro-areas of areas or environments (availability, economy, politics and know-culture) and its three macro protagonists Generators of knowledge, society through citizens, and companies), through the Triangle of Knowledge (education, research, innovation) developed by the Network.

I.To act as a powerful network of “strategic aggregations” of actors and agents related to the agri-food sector directly or transversally through a simple but effective organization.


II. Know the strategic proposals of all the Campus of Excellence with agri-food themes and look for elements that favor economic growth equi¬ prended at any level.


III. Establish connections between objectives or related projects established by the strategic associations of the CEI.


IV. Promote the interaction between actors and institutions that generate knowledge and the agro-food business sectors or their environment.


V. Support actions promoting consortia to participate in the I+D Framework Programs in the UE.


VI. Develop dynamics of internationalization.


VII. Participate in the creation and development of teaching, research and innovation programs with European administrations, institutions and programs.


VIII. Participate in the actions promoted from the Triptolemos Foundation.