Gestión tecnológica

Triptolemos Foundation for agri-food development is a private and independent institution. It contributes with its actions to boost knowledge, coordination among all the actors of the Global Food System, and business activity, in order to increase its effectiveness and based on the strategic importance of food in the development of society and the creation of trust.

The guide offers free information with more than 9,000 references (projects, patents, doctoral theses and research groups) classified by sectors of business activity and thematic areas.


Triptolemos Foundation has as a model a unitary and global vision of the food system,  collaborates in its optimization and articulation so that it results in a sufficient production of food, in its quality and in confidence, in an environment of global sustainability. It is open to any new incorporation that shares its objectives.

The “Guide for Innovation in the Food System 2018” (8th edition) with more than 9,000 references, is an example of the actions of the Triptolemos Foundation that help to boost knowledge and business activity, for its transformation into social and economic value.

The Guide has its own classification system with an Intellectual Property Registry 02/2009/7331. Triptolemos Foundation updates the information of the guide, a pioneer in Europe every 2 years.

The “Guide for Innovation in the Agri-Food Sector” focuses on innovation from its multiple facets and with the participation of its different stakeholders: