The Honorary President of the Foundation is held by the Hon. Mr. Federico Mayor (Director-General of UNESCO from 1978 to 1999 and member of the Foundation in a personal capacity).

The Presidency is held by José Pio Beltran, founder of the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants (IBMCP CSIC_UPV) He was vice president of Organization and Institutional Relations of the CSIC between 2001 and 2003 and institutional Coordinator of the CSIC in the Valencian Community in two periods: from 1996 to 2001 and later from 2009 until today. Founder of the House of Science.

Vice presidents:

  • Francesc Torres (UPC Rector)
  • José Luis Bonet (President of Alimentaria and Cámaras de Comercio)
  • José Manuel Silva Rodríguez (Former Director General of Agriculture and Rural Development and Director General of Research of the European Commission)

General Secretary:

  • Ramon Clotet. University professor UPC-ESAB (1984-1994)
  • Legal Advisor: Pilar Bonet

Executive Direction:

  • Yvonne Colomer (European PhD. Agricultural Engineer. MBA in international management of agri-food companies (ESSEC, Francia).


Coordinator of the Agrifood Policies:

  • Luis González Vaqué (Lawyer, has been a director of DG Internal Market and Services, European Commission chief DGXV, vice president of the American  Association for the right to food)

Coordinator of the Economical area:

  • Josep Alegret Carreras (Coordinator of the MBA Management of food companies)

Coordinator of Food Availability

  • José Manuel Silva(He has been general director of Agriculture and Rural Development and General Director of Research of the European Commission)

Members on a personal basis:

  • José María Sumpsi (Professor of Agricultural Policy and Rural Development and Deputy Director General of the FAO (2007-2010)
  • Josep Arcas (Honorary member)

The Board of Trustees is currently composed of lifetime patrons, temporary patrons, directly elected councils and representatives

The Foundation provides for the existence of three advisory committees (scientific committee, the training and communication committee): Its composition is decided by the Board or the Executive Committee based on the theme to develop. The Foundation maintains active its working group Network Campus of International Excellence with agrifood activity.

Council of Universities and Knowledge:

The Business Council brings together companies that are tractors, who feel the economic and social responsibility within the system and the commitments and challenges that this entails.

Tractor Business Council:

El Consejo de Empresas agrupa a aquellas empresas tractoras, que sienten la responsabilidad económica y social dentro del sistema y los compromisos y retos que ello conlleva.

Council of Organizations:

The Council of Institutions includes those collective organizations aware that the overall progress of society depends in part on the optimal functioning of the global food system.