Food Classification Report.The Concept of Ultra-Processed Food

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The world population grows with the tendency to concentrate in urban areas. The provider of food for all and correct information on food and diet, is included in the global scope of the United Nations Millennium Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The role of science and technology are key.


Recently the term “Ultra-processed” has become fashionable in certain circles related to nutrition. This term is generating much confusion in certain consumer groups and in the food production sector, since its interpretation generates controversy. This document analyzes the reason for this confusion.


From a legal perspective, the use of the expression or concept “ultra-processed” by the political or administrative authorities could be punished. In this context, both the European Commission and national governments could take measures to avoid the use of this expression, whose proliferation confuses the consumer, influencing their purchasing decisions and legal certainty. Nor can it be excluded that those companies whose products are denigrated with this label among potential buyers, may resort to the judicial bodies to compensate themselves for the damages and losses caused.


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