The referential disclosure about the food fact

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The referential disclosure about the food factentari

Ramón Clotet | Each time it costs us more to discern between information and propaganda, between truthfulness and proselytism, which leads society to the loss of credibility of its referents.

In a recent article the journalist Josep Cuní (La Vanguardia March 14, 2015), alerted of the increasing presence in the media and its growing activity, referring to the “alternative disclosure“. This leads us to increasingly find it difficult to discern between information and propaganda, between truthfulness and proselytism, which leads society to the loss of credibility of its referents. Being thus, easily demonstrable that science has something to do with the increase of our life expectancy and its quality, why the progressive tendency to doubt it? .

In this environment of growing confusion, knowledge centers and the university must be aware of their responsibility in the development of society. Responsibility of the one that has been the conscious university, throughout its centuries of existence, in two fundamental slopes, the one to follow the development of the science and today, fundamentally, the one of being the referent of credibility in the spreading to the society , to the citizen, of his achievements and interpretations, and in the message that these achievements are always being improved and adapted over time, this is the role of science, and on the other hand, they are also more precise than they were in the past.

One of the examples of this social responsibility to communicate is given by the Universitat de Barcelona, through its Social Council, presided over by Salvador Alemany, by establishing annual awards dedicated to meaning the best teachers, of any discipline taught at their university. and that they have distinguished themselves by a dissemination work at citizen level, in an intelligible and attractive way but at the same time coherent with the scientific basis of it. With good judgment, the prize is dedicated every year to a specific and current theme that motivates society. This year the theme chosen has been food and its complex environment, eating is more than eating, cultural, nutritional, religious, economic aspects intervene ….

In this second Distinction of the Faculty of Doctors and the Social Council of the University of Barcelona to the best scientific and humanistic dissemination activities, the Prize has been awarded ex aequo to two professors: Dr. Abel Mariné, professor of nutrition and bromatology of the UB and Dr. Claudi Mans, professor of chemical engineering at the UB. What can we say about them from the agri-food world? world especially abundant in false prophets.

Professor Abel Mariné could be defined as the balance communicator. In a pleasant and accurate way, he explains that the mechanisms of food and nutrition enter into a complex network and that the equilibrium interpretation that exists between them is the scientific interpretation of reality. Explaining how this scientific interpretation helps knowledge of nutrition and product safety. But his articles are not limited to biochemical reactions. The relationship of food with the environment, with art, with history, are always present and give us the keys to understanding the complexity of human nutrition.

Professor Claudi Mans had a boldness, a great boldness, in 2007 he proposed the chef Ferrán Adriá as Doctor Honoris cause of the University of Barcelona, ??a fact that provoked great controversy. But it was the fact that opened the world of catering and gastronomy to the university, and that has caused the situation, unusual until recent years that we live today and with a multiple effect: restoration professionals have their studies regulated and its professional recognition, gastronomy moves between art and science, and the university opens up to the problems of society and it sees it closer. There has been an explosion that has helped position our country in the professional leagues of gastronomy and global trends.

These are two examples of researchers who contribute with their work to elucidate and communicate to society, there are others who maintain us with the hope and the illusion that the storm of increasing informative confusion, has solid points of reference, and we must contribute to your knowledge and growth.

Triptolemos Foundation was invited during the act of delivery of these awards to give its vision of the polyhedral food system and, from its mission to collaborate in the proper articulation of the same, so that it results in a greater availability of quality food and in greater confidence of the citizen , emphasized on this occasion, on the importance of adequate scientific communication to society, on the conviction, that there can be no sustainable and socially balanced development if at the base, the global food system does not maintain the balance among all its actors.

Yvonne Colomer | Director of Triptolemos Foundation for Agri-Food Development