Help for Doctors Movility

II Call Helps Doctors Movilities 2017-2018  


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Contribute to the dynamism of the Agrifood System facilitating the mobility of doctors (postdoc) between CEI’s own CEI’s and CEIAA companies. Strengthen the scientific, academic and business relations among the members of the aggregations that make up the different Campus of International Excellence that are part of the CEI AA NETWORK.


Presentation from the 18 of September until the 20 of November of 2017.
Mobility period of the aid of 15 days between the 10 of January 2018 and the 28 of June of 2018.


Up to 1,400€ if mobility is done in the same autonomous community.

Up to 1,900€ if mobility is done between different autonomous communities.

Up to 900 € if mobility is done in the same area.

The post-doc recipient CEI, Or company member of Fundación Triptolemos, through the corresponding department, will receive aid of 500 €.


Those who have completed a doctoral thesis in a research group of a center attached to a campus of international excellence Inte(CEI), whose university is a member of Fundación Triptolemos will be beneficiaries.
Any of the CIS’s can be receivers through its university member of Fundación Triptolemos and any company attached to the aggregations of the CIS’s


Consult and download the bases of this call. The call is not open yet


The request wil be on-line. It is advisable to have all the documents necessary to succesfully make the application.
Access to the application form. Call is not open yet
Documents required para realizar la solicitud:
  1. Copy ID (both sides) of the candidate or passport.
  2. Candidate’s Summary Curriculum Vitae (2 pages maximum).
  3. Letter of commitment from the issuing CEI with the signature of the thesis director or department director. Download template.
  4. Letter of commitment from the CEI or receiving company, which includes the signature of the responsible, the seal of the entity and the period of stay. Download template.

This application (completed and signed) and the four documents (DNI, issuing CEI Letter, Receiving CEI Letter and Curriculum Vitae) will besend by postal mail to the address:

Warning: After completing the application form and attaching the four corresponding documents, before sending it, the applicant must print and sign the application. 

These four documents will be scanned and added to a compressed zipped folder. This folder can not exceed the size of 4 Mb. In the application process the candidate will be asked to attach this folder.
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