17, 19, 24 y 26 de noviembre de 2020

The Innovation Management Network in the Agri-food Sector, INNOVAGRO Network, organizes the X Annual Meeting to celebrate its anniversary and address relevant issues within the framework of agri-food innovation. The theme that has been defined for this Meeting is Pathways of innovation for a sustainable and resilient agri-food sector. Agri-food systems are transformed in order to improve their capacity to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. Experts agree that food systems require a systemic transformation (CGIAR, 2020), a revolution.

The proposals are inspiring: they analyze the potential of agriculture to prevent other pandemics and mitigate climate change (World Food Forum 2021); achieve healthy diets from sustainable food systems (EAT, 2020); apply the water-energy-food nexus approach to address the increasing pressure on these resources both locally and globally (Taylor-Wood); others emphasize innovation, natural microbiology and digital technologies (Indigo Agriculture Inc). Scientific evidence reports a bankrupt food system, unable to feed a growing world population in a sustainable way (EAT, 2020). The impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have shown its structural vulnerabilities; Like any deep crisis, it also opens an opportunity to imagine a just, sustainable, regenerative, healthy and resilient food system.

Event program.

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