Fruit Logistics 2018 (Berlin)

Once again, the branches of the entire fresh fruit trade had the opportunity with this exhibition to represent their wide range of services through the value chain, from the crop to the POS in the short term, target focused on the groups and, therefore, high efficiency are the main characteristics of Fruit Logistics.

In the maco of this exhibition a collaboration agreement was signed between Bayer and Triptolemos Foundation.

Collaboration with the Triptolemos Foundation – an independent institution that works to achieve food security and a system more equitable global food supply – will serve to develop new materials and programs to help farmers produce more sustainably. The association will focus on the inclusion of the BayG.A.P. certification tool. in the activities of the UNESCO Chair “Science and innovation for sustainable development: production and global food security”, promoted by Triptolemos. “Bayer shares our vision and determination to ensure sustainable production, improve farmers’ resources and achieve global food security. We hope to benefit from your knowledge in the implementation of good agricultural practices, “says Yvonne Colomer, Director of Agricultural Development of the Triptolemos Foundation.

Bayer and Triptolemos will work on the expansion of the BayG.A.P service program by developing additional training materials and implementing new learning methods, such as online training tools. “This will allow us to reach even more farmers to help them produce sustainably,” says Colomer. Although the joint activities will have a global reach, both parties will focus especially on the needs of small farmers in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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