The most important human revolution in history: the change from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic. The implementation of an organized system to produce food (agriculture and stockbreeding) and leave a large part of society free to develop many other capacities. And the process continues, with the work done in the fields of science, technology and solidarity, to save us time and effort dedicated to obtaining and preparing food.

One culture, that of the Greeks, the origin of Western culture, was very concerned about Man and what constitutes him could not ignore the significance of this revolution and mythicizes it in its mythology. The goddess Demeter (Ceres in Roman mythology), the sister of Zeus, taught Man the techniques of arable farming. Triptolemos was the hero she taught them to. A new activity and a new concept are born: the exchange of food ingredients for other products of human activity that have been possible and, therefore, the concept of enterprise, trade and, globally, economy.

However, we must not forget that Demeter bestowed that to Man, to Society, since the food fact as a biological need represents the first level in the social concept of quality of life. In this view it is no coincidence that the Greek culture, in its balanced perception of things, also had Demeter as protectress of civilization.

All these mythological roots are symbolized in the Foundation’s Logo: the world, the color green (life), the plurality of cultures and the sheaf, the fruit of Triptolemos work under Demeter’s instruction.