Report on the frontal labeling of foods: nutritional traffic lights, Nutri-Score and others

Fundación Triptolemos has prepared the “Report on the frontal labeling of food: nutritional traffic lights, Nutri-Score and others” in order to help articulate the food system with scientific criteria around issues of interest to society. The labeling of packaged foods is a universal concern present in the national legislation of most countries and is a highly topical issue. In Spain, a debate will open shortly.
The application of a “front” nutritional label is interesting in principle, because it improves visibility unlike the mandatory nutritional label, which is located on the back or side of the packages. But, on the other hand, it can mislead the consumer, in his intention to value the product nutritionally in isolation from the whole of his diet.
This document aims to offer reflection points to the people, institutions and companies that must make decisions around food labeling.

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