Triptolemos Foundation offered the inaugural conference at EUROGEO 2021

The European Association of EUROGEO Geographers held its international conference EUROGEO 2021 virtually on April 22 and 23 with the title:

“Sustainable development goals for all”, and in which representatives of 34 countries participated.

Triptolemos Foundation was invited to give the inaugural conference “Geography: origin of the complexity of the food system”

At the conference, Dr. Yvonne Colomer explained the influence of geography on the development of the Food System throughout history and focused on the current situation and future prospects, providing some interesting examples of the interrelationships between the 4 axes in which the Triptolemos Foundation defines the  Global Food System. 

The conference was streamed and you can watch it again at the following link:

CANALUNED Conferencia Eurogeo 2021

Download the program



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