We denounce the false news and all those commercial strategies that in different ways question the rigor of the rules and legislation. The objective of the initiative is to raise society’s awareness of its consequences.

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Network of Campus of International Excellence with Agrifood Activity

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Conferenca organized by Triptolemos Foundation in Alimentaria 2018


The alimentary system, contemplated with a global vision, plays a fundamental role in human development, due to its biological basis and its social implications

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Tapa  El sistema alimentario

Esta obra es el resultado del trabajo de más de cuarenta autores que nos han hecho llegar sus comentarios y reflexiones sobre otras tantas temáticas.

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La UdL acoge la reunión de Patronato de Fundación Triptolemos.

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Conferencia sostenibilidad Fundación Triptolemos FoodTechBCN

La Ciencia para la Disponibilidad Sostenible y Seguridad Alimentaria en las Técnicas de Conservación   ¿Cuántos alimentos no se desperdician gracias a la tecnología?

Conferencia organizada por Fundación Triptolemos que giró entorno a la sostenibilidad. Participaron Yvonne Colomer, Carlos Lozano y M. Carmen Vidal.

The Triptolemos Foundation has developed a model that allows the Global Food System TRIPTOLEMOS Index (ITRIn) to be quantified, through previously defined parameters. The model allows the forecast and comparison between food systems in different countries and territories. The model has been recognized by UNESCO with the grant of the Chair “Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Safety…read more