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Project “Solutions Versus Challenges: MEETINGS”

The  objective is to organize meetings in the FOODTECH Barcelona 2018 room that facilitate the meeting between research groups and the food production sector to: Identify challenges and opportunities, provide solutions to the sector, encourage dialogue, promote more stable relationships.


recorded on video

In the environment of the FoodTech 2018 room, companies that wish to do so will be able to present their product, process or technology through an interview conducted by a professional recording team. The objective is to contribute to the diffusion of its business activity at a national and international level. The interview once published will be available in various communication channels and websites, and at your disposal to ensure maximum dissemination.

La Jornada The “Fake News” organized by Fundación Triptolemos en Alimentaria 2018 aroused great interest

Presented by José Luis Bonet, President of Alimentaria, and with the intervention of:

Luis González Vaqué: Ex-Director DG Internal Market European CommissionAbel Mariné: Expert in food communication – Professor Emeritus of Nutrition and Bromatology (UB); Buenaventura Guamis:  Professor of Food Technology (UAB); Fernando Moner: President Association of Consumers (CECU); Antonio Ortí: Journalist La Vanguardia; Marc Amorós: Journalist. Author of the book “Fake News: The truth of the false news”

The session was moderated by José Mª Sumpsi, Deputy Director General of FAO (2007-2010) and President of FUNDACIÓN TRIPTOLEMOS and Juan Julián García Gómez, Vocal of Communication and Institutional Relations of AECOSAN (Spanish Agency of Consumption, Food Security and Nutrition)

          The R & D department of SMEs:

  • The guide offers free information with more than 10,000 references classified by sectors of business activity.
  • Its presentation allows a quick and easy search of the information.

This work is the result of the work of more than forty authors who have sent us their comments and reflections on many other topics. Each and every one of the chapters that make up the book have the same solid common thread, a defined identity and, at the same time, they present very diverse characteristics and aspects.


The alimentary system, contemplated with a global vision, plays a fundamental role in human development, due to its biological basis and its social implications.

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The UdL hosts the Trustees meeting of the Triptolemos Foundation.

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