COVID-19 has limited our activities and we are subject to greater economic pressure, but people need to eat!

How do we contribute to ensure food availability in hoseholds?

We denounce the fake news and all those commercial strategies that in different ways question the rigor of the rules and legislation. The objective of the initiative is to raise society’s awareness of its consequences.

“Food at the crossroads” Video produced by the UNESCO Chair UNED-TRIPTOLEMOS:

Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Food Security

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Network of Campus of International Excellence with Agrifood Activity

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This work is the result of the work of more than forty authors who have sent us their comments and reflections on many other topics.

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Conference organized by Triptolemos Foundation in Alimentaria 2018

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The alimentary system, contemplated with a global vision, plays a fundamental role in human development, due to its biological basis and its social implications

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          Pymes I+D+i departament :

The Triptolemos Foundation has developed a model that allows the Global Food System TRIPTOLEMOS Index (ITRIn) to be quantified, through previously defined parameters. The model allows the forecast and comparison between food systems in different countries and territories. The model has been recognized by UNESCO with the grant of the Chair “Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Safety

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          Pymes I+D+i departament :

  • The guide offers free information with more than 10,000 references classified by sectors of business activity.
  • Its presentation allows a quick and easy search of the information.

Science at the service of food availability

How many foods are not wasted thanks to technology?

Fundación Triptolemos has prepared this study that deals from a scientific point of view the use of science and technology in the food sector to guarantee food availability from a sustainable and safe point of view.


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