Fields of opportunity. Triptolemos Foundation participates in panel “Sustainable Ag Solutions”

Triptolemos Foundation has the opportunity to explain its systemic approach, fundamental to building sustainable food systems, in the panel discussion that will take place next Monday, October 17, in Germany. The panel is part of the event Fields of opportunity and can be followed online at this link:

Transforming global agriculture to produce enough food for a growing world population while respecting the boundaries of our planet is one of the key challenges of our time.

In this event and hear from renowned scientists, politicians, and farmers from Europe and Africa shedding light on why food security and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. Rodrigo Santos, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG and Head of the Crop Science Division, will share how we are driving the transformation of ag through innovation and sustainable practices.

World food security is threatened. How can we produce enough food for more people and at the same time protect our planet? Join the event on October 17 for a lively discussion looking for answers to these challenges.

10:00 AM Opener Video Topic: sustainability at Bayer with a particular focus on food security and sustainable agriculture incl. farmer voice

10:03 AM Keynote by Rodrigo Santos. Sustainable Ag solutions and the interdependence of food security and sustainability

10:10 AM Panel discussion I: Taking action to fight the current food crisis

11:05 AM Panel discussion II: Sustainable Ag solutions