Triptolemos Index ITRIn

The Triptolemos Foundation has developed a model that allows the Global Food System TRIPTOLEMOS Index (ITRIn) to be quantified, through previously defined parameters. The model allows the forecast and comparison between food systems in different countries and territories. The model has been recognized by UNESCO with the grant of the Chair “Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Global Food Production and Safety”.

Triptolemos Foundation has obtained the Trademark Registration Title of the Triptolemos ITRIn Index (2017), which allows the quantitative analysis, diagnosis and prospective modelling of the Global Food System, with quantitative variables defined in very diverse areas (agricultural production and climate change, trends in consumption, prediction of markets and sectors, social behaviours of both citizens and governments, economy, among others), countries and territories and their business application.

Two publications with interesting conclusions have already been made in the “Revista Española de Estudios Agrosociales y perqueros “of the Ministry of Agriculture: a first study with a general vision and a second study applied to 4 Mediterranean countries (trends in meat consumption, food availability, level of training, production prospects …).

Some publications:

Global Food System 4 axes  (c) Copyright Triptolemos Foundation (2012)

The Global Food System: I-Definition of a space (2013)

The Global Food System: II-Quantitative approximation to the food space of Mediterranean Europe (2018)

“The food system: globalization, sustainability, security and food culture” THOMSON REUTERS – Aranzadi (2016)



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